Listen to another great episode with industry leaders in real estate.

From Financial Survival to Financial Independence with Maricela Soberanes

In this 3 part series, Maricela highlights her goal to help people to reach their financial independence and apply the concepts of living and bringing people up, uplifting, up living, and living it up!

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:
[00:01 – 04:59] Opening Segment
● Maricela tells us about her background and the beginning of her journey
● She came to the US with nothing at 23 
● Became a certified registered nurse anesthesiologist
● Served in the US Navy
● How she went into the real estate business

“When it comes to Multifamily, Just get to your first deal, it might not be the moneymaker, but you will get addicted to it. And once you are in it, you will just keep rolling. It will give you the lesson that you need ”

[05:00 – 12:00] From Financial Survival to Financial Independence 
● Maricela shares the story about her financial survival and mistakes
● The importance of mentorship
● Learn and structure the Taxation law
● The benefits and joy of doing real estate
●Having the options to be independent by real estate

[12:01 – 18:00] Up Plex Living LLC
● She shares the story about her experience moving from place to place when she was a kid
● Getting the first Property for her business
● Maricela talks about the advantages of Multi-living and multifamily real estate
● Maricela shares several strategies and the development of her company

[18:01 – 26:44] The Power of Network and Community
● Maricela talks about the risk in the starting
● Prepare yourself with many pieces of information
● Have some system in place to prevent unwanted issues
● The power of Networking and community in the real estate business
● The platform to reach out and help some people

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:
[00:01 – 05:00] The Power of Network and Community
● Maricela talks about how important it is to find the right community
● The platform to help others become successful and better

“Do not be afraid of what you don’t know, because it is okay to make mistakes, just learn and fix it .”

[05:01 – 12:15] The Mindset of Opportunity 
● Being content and fulfilled in your life
● Make the move, don’t be afraid to reach out for help
● See mistakes as an opportunity, not as an obstacle
● Maricela shares her story about learning from her mistakes
●Maricela talks about the importance of having a team

[12:16 – 18:00] Professionalism to Fight Gender Discrimination Against Women
● Maricela talks about gender discrimination and challenges for females in business
● Becoming the influencer and role model for women to move forward in business
● Have the system in place to enforce the equality
● Maricela shares the story of how she and her husband built their company

[18:01- 22:08] Teaching the Right Value of Wealth for the Next Generation
● Maricela talks about her first business
● Teach and train the next generation to protect their investment

Part 3

Things you will learn in this episode:
[00:01 – 08:25] Creating Financial Legacy
● Maricela talks about how to create a financial legacy for the next generation
● Strategies to motivate the younger generation to learn about money

“There is no price the value of networking could bring for you and your business.”

[08:26 – 13:29] Running Your Numbers
● Is this a good time to invest or should we wait for the impact of COVID-19?
● Maricela talks about the attachment with the property

[13:30- 19:24] The Risk and Cost of Unexpected Spendings
● How do you run your numbers?
● Budget for unexpected spendings
● Unoccupancy risk and cost
● Final words

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