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How Having the Right Mindset Will Bring You Closer to Your Real Estate Goals with Ketan Patel

In this 2 part series, Ketan talks about the significance of having the right mindset in your pursuit of your real estate investing goals. Ketan talks about how you can get rid of imposter syndrome and why embracing both your strengths and weaknesses is the key to doing more. Ketan and I will also talk about the importance of having a “why” in your real estate journey and the steps he took to make his transition from pharmacy to real estate.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 02:52] Opening Segment

● Welcoming Ketan to the show
● Ketan shares his background

“The key is coming up with a strategy plan, so your chances of success are exponential, instead of just not having a plan and hoping something’s just going to work.”

[02:53 – 10:43] Equip Yourself with the Right Mindset

● Getting rid of imposter syndrome
● Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others
● The importance of accepting your strengths and weaknesses
● Ketan on leaping from pharmacy to real estate
● Having a plan is the key

[10:44 – 20:14] It’s All About Having That “Why”

● Starting your journey by having a strategy
● Break down your goals
● Your “why” will be the game-changer
● You just need to figure out the next step

[20:15 – 27:36] Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Leap

● What made Ketan want to transition from pharmacy to real estate
● Choosing possibilities vs. choosing limitations
● Real estate is a business
● How Ketan learned more about real estate investing

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 11:37] Success is a Moving Target

● You have the potential!
● How fear of success leads to self-sabotage
● There is no finish point, we are here to grow
● Success is not a destination
● What’s the real definition of commitment

“You’re never really going to attain success, you’re probably always going to be chasing it. And every time you get close, it’s gonna move further away.”

[11:38 – 25:45] Building Your Network and Managing Partnerships

● How Ketan started investing in real estate
● How he got educated about syndications
● The significance of having a coach or a mentor
● Building the investor database
● Dealing with the fear of being responsible for other people’s money
● Closing words

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