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Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Keri Bednarz

In this 2 part series, Keri highlights how he hiring a VA helps her lighten her workload, and give her more focus to level up.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 08:49] Opening Segment

● Let’s bring Keri to the Show
● Keri talks about the beginning of her career journey
● Keri talks about how she started to hire a VA
● Keri shares her opinions on how good her VA works


“By hiring a VA, you would go so much quicker than if you do it yourself.”

[08:50 – 13:48] Tips on Hiring Your VA  
● Keri shares some tips on how to hire a VA
● Ask them some off the wall questions
● Make sure they have good internet and the right equipment for their job
● Find a good communication tool to communicate with them
● Keri shares her experience working with her VA

[13:49 – 17:48] VA Job Descriptions
● Keri talks about her VA’s job description
● Took two weeks of training
● Her VA has created the entire month’s worth of content in just two weeks

[17:49 – 23:59] The Adaptation Process
● Keri talks about how her VA learned her voice
● Just because it’s not your way does not mean it is not good
● Her VA does SEO for her website, turns videos into micro contents, rebranded her YouTube Channel, handles FB groups and Instagram
● VA’s can also help with things like CRM

[24:00 – 28:35] Increase the Engagement
● Keri talks about the virtual meetups
● Having the checklist to work on
● Her VA is not only content planning but also tracking the matrix on her posts
● Keri talks about the hourly rate

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 07:29] Mobile Home Association and Notes

● Keri talks about the engagement matrix that they follow
● Keri shares her experience of the training process at the very two weeks 
● Rocket station keeps all of the VA accountable

“Get your daily tasks written on paper in detail, so you would know how much free time you could get when you delegate the job to your VA.”

[07:30 – 14:25] Communication and Working Tools
● Keri talks about Slack and how it works
● Keri talks about keeping all the content that her VA made
● Getting to self-led habits

[14:26 – 20:04] Communication Style and Job Delegation
● Giving appreciation to your VA, especially when they are doing a good job
● Keri talks about the possibility of an issue with internet connectivity and power
● Make your own SOP videos

[20:05 – 25:00] VA Hiring Platforms
● Keri shares her daughter’s experience hiring VAs through UpWork
● Keri talks about all of the benefits she got from hiring a VA through Rocket Station

[25:01 – 29:07] Increase the Engagement
● Keri shares a funny story of her experience with her VA
● When you do virtual meetings, make sure you also pay attention to your surroundings

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