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Scale & Leverage Using Virtual Assistants with Justin Nelson

In this 3 part series, Justin highlights how to incorporate virtual assistants into every aspect of your business

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:20] Opening Segment

● Let’s bring Justin to the show
● Justin shares his background
● Justin talks about how he started to work in the Virtual Assistant space

“It’s all about narrowing your focus and what do you need to spend your time at.”

[05:21 – 14:07] Leveraging with Virtual Assistant  
● Justin shares his experience working with his first Virtual Assistant
● Understanding how to leverage with Virtual Assistant
● The target market age for VA service.
● Justin talks about narrowing down your market demographic

[14:08 – 20:00] Convince Your Market 

● Justin talks about how he convinces people about leveraging their business.
● Until you can show them enough time that leveraging will give them more pleasure than pain, then they’re never going to make a change.
● Open to the idea of giving things off
● A lot of people do not realize how inexpensive help can be

[20:01 – 26:21] Ethical Business Vs. Non-Ethical Business  
● Justin talks about hiring foreign virtual assistants
● Equivalency salary data
● The reason why real estate goes to the Philippines
● Self-sourcing
● The up-charge gap to hire a VA through a company
● Justin talks about how to find and recruit the right VA and talent for your business

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 10:35] Finding and Recruiting Virtual Assistants

● Justin talks about how he recruits Virtual Assistants
● Backward numbers to go through
● People use us to tap into the network rebuilt because I’ll find a way better Talent out of 2000 people
● 17000 application a month to find 20-30 people
● The key is to treat people right
● He recruits specifically what his clients need in their job profiles
● Justin talks about the paying and upcharge problem for most employers
● Justin explains the service and charging model in his company
● Replacement policy for employers

Find the 10 most important things that you don’t want to do anymore or ten things you’re not doing in your business so you need to be doing and just teach the VA to do that from the start.”

[10:36 – 16:20] Training The Virtual Assistant

● Justin talks about all the unique tasks he could handover to his VAs to manage
● Building out a training library to line out the tasks
● Take the pressure off of paying so much every month
● Justin talks about his perspective on budgeting and eliminating irrelevant spendings

[16:21 – 27:48] Direct Sourcing Model

● Justin talks about the upsides of direct sourcing
● The model shift for protection
● Justin talks about the portals to pay the VAs directly
● Justin talks about his passion for VAs and real estate
● There are some unique things out there you never think you’d be able to pull off but you’ll be surprised what you can pull off
● Justin talks about the things you can hire a VA for

Part 3

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 09:59] The Power of The Virtual Assistance in the Property of Management Side

● Justin talks about the power of VA on the property of the management side
● Justin talks about the list of people who take care of his property
● Justin gives some recommendations to avoid burnout
● Until you get your first one and experience it, nothing else will ever come close to the experience of what it provides

“You can focus yourself, to do much more things when other people can run your business.”

[10:00 – 15:30] The Workflow in the Virtual Environment

● Justin talks about how long it takes for a VA to take on your personality to do things the way you do it
● Monitoring the workflow of your VA
● Justin talks about zoom breakouts
● Get closer and being friends with your VA
● Justin talks about the workflow in the virtual environment
● Find a way to leverage things in your life and get your time back

[15:31 – 25:04] Leverage Your Time

● Justin talks about leveraging your time
● My job is to come in and make people think hard if their brain does not work a little bit, which means that I haven’t fulfilled my mission in life
● Justin talks about an app and software to track down the activity on the internet
● Justin talks about putting your trust in the VA
● Maximize your time with VAs
● Final words from Justin and me

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