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Getting Your Numbers Right and Avoiding Stretchers with Jared Asch and Sid Shamim

In this 3 part series, Jared and Sid talk about increasing prices and the value of properties in 3 to 5 years. Jared and Sid shares with us ways on how it is important to get your numbers right to avoid stretchers and get the value for your investment.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 08:25] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guests for today
  • Jared shares about his background
  • Sid shares about his background

“At the end of day, it’s just how you can manage your chances.”

[08:26 – 21:40] Things to look for in a deal to avoid stretching 

  • Buying and holding instead of flipping houses
  • Getting into B class properties in A class neighborhoods
  • Successful stretchers is good for the location 
  • How the Eviction Moratorium is putting brakes on the prices
  • Must consider the right strategies and making the numbers work for you 
  • Prices to be so far outpacing with inflation 
  • Look for existing cash flow 

[21:41 -24:14] Closing Segment 

  • Acknowledging that there are two sides to it 
  • Importance of having good third party management

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 04:42] Reducing Expenses

  • Some properties have minimal rent growth 
  • Importance of knowing if there is a hairline change to your business 
  • The importance of the management on the ground

“You can’t operate under the basis of people being afraid.”

[04:43 – 10:57] Property Management Groups Buying Property 

  • Thoughts on selling something you don’t believe in 
  • Property managers are knowledgeable about the market 
  • Incentivizing property management companies 

[10:58 -24:14] What’s Included in a Technology Package 

  • Inclusions of a technology package
  • How to work with providers 
  • Majority of the market is a younger age group 

Part 3

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 09:39] Due Diligence for Providing Better Means of Living 

  • Corner-cutting horror stories in multifamily units
  • Good property management teams provide solutions 
  • Building to fair extreme weather

“It goes back to that idea of, it’s not “how do I do this?”, it’s “who’s already done this?”. They can help me figure out how to do it.”

[09:40 – 16:14] Decreasing Expenses 

  • Negotiating expense management with lenders 
  • Learning from those who have more experience than us 

[16:15 -21:11] Troubleshooting Maintenance Issues

  • Water conservation rules and techniques 
  • Preventing disasters is better than fixing disasters

[21:12 -24:51] Closing Segment 

  • Final words from Jared Asch and Sid Shamim
  • Connect with my guests using the links below! 

You can connect with Jared on LinkedIn


You can connect with Sid on LinkedIn


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