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The Leveraging of Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Frank Patalano

In this 3 part series, Frank highlights his virtual assistance service company

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:49] Opening Segment

● I share some of Frank’s amazing achievements
● Frank talks about his career journey
● Frank shares about the background of Real Agent Helper Virtual Assistant Service Company

“The question is not, “Am I able to afford a VA? But how am I surviving without one.”

[05:50 – 12:24] The Leverage of Hiring Virtual Assistant

● Strategic work vs Physical work
● If you want to grow your business, you have to start doing more of the systematic and intellectual approach
● When you are hiring VAs, you can focus your time on growing yourself and your business
● Frank explains three main reasons to hire a VA

[12:25 – 21:28] The System of Hiring a Full Time VA

● The transition from self-employment to business ownership
● Frank gives an example of assigning a VA in his company

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 06:59] Task Delegation

● Frank shares some examples of the real estate sales team with Virtual Assistants
● The accents of the VAs
● Identifying those things that need to be delegated
● Frank shares one of his clients in property management that hires a VA as a full time personal secretary

“In the case of unforeseen circumstances, for example weather, there will be a replacement VAs that we will set up for our clients .”

[07:00 – 12:24] The Agreements and Contracts
● Frank talks about the legally binding nondisclosure agreement
● Frank breaks down how the contract works with the VAs
● Frank shares an example of how his clients interview and choose a VA
● Replacement of VAs if needed

[12:25 – 21:34] The Benefit Comparison of the Wages
● Caller ID System for VAs to take Inbound calls
● Frank talks about the comparison between the standard cost for a secretary in the US compared to Virtual Assistants
● The working hours for part-time VAs
● Frank talks about why the hourly rate of VAs is below the minimum wage in the US
● Frank gives some examples of big companies that hire and outsource their virtual assistance

Part 3

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 08:24] Competitive Advantages

● Multi-billion dollar companies get a competitive benefit from hiring VAs
● Frank is answering a question about delegating Skip Tracing and Cold Calling to the VAs
● Frank talks about the competitive advantages of the industry
● Frank talks about how the value differences of currency plays a significant role in the benefits

“The more successful you get, you should not be the common slave to your business.”

[08:25 – 14:04] The Mechanism on Hiring VAs
● You should be directing your adverts
● The more successful you get, you should not be the common slave to your business
● To help your business, you need to focus on growing your clients’ leads, keep looking at deals, finding and researching new inventions
● Frank explains the mechanism in hiring VAs through his company
● Hiring affordable help without lowering your standard and the quality of your service

[14:05 – 21:36] Closing Segment
● How to contact Frank
● Frank shares about the special deal
● The concept of growing slowly, with quality and building relationships
● The great thing about entrepreneurship is we are helping people and get a win-win situation

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