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The Power of Networking with David Pere

In this 2 part series, David highlights his inspiring life and the power of networking.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:24] Opening Segment
● Let’s bring in David Pere to the show.
● David shares about his background

[05:25 – 15:19] The Power of Networking
● David talks about networking and connecting people in his life.
● Building rapport
● Demonstrate your core values
● We do judge a book by its cover, so use that to your advantage.
● Find common ground
● Matching and mirror
● Touch is extremely powerful for building rapport in the right situation.
● Be a good listener

“The goal of networking is to figure out who you can help, who can help you, and who is worth building a relationship with.”

[15:20 – 22:11] Networking at Conferences
● David talks about building a network at conferences
● You need to have a plan
● David shares his experiences in building a specific network at a conference
● 30-second elevator pitch
● Find the synergy by listening to what they are saying.
● The goal of networking is to figure out who you can help, who can help you, and who is worth building a relationship with.
● David talks about how he decided or prioritized who to build a network within the conference.
● Relationship building is all about quality over quantity.

[22:12 – 26:01] Virtual Networking Opportunities
● David talks about building virtual networking opportunities (Zoom socialize, virtual meetups, podcast forum, etc.)
● David shares his experience being a speaker at a virtual meeting event of South West Missouri real estate.
● There are many ways to stay in touch and build a network through social media.
● David shares some advice to get in touch with someone who has a big social media following.

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 06:04] Non-Verbal Networking

● You can use non-verbal cues to build relationships
● The friendship principles
● David talks about using body language signs as a subtle cue to get people to like you
● Focus on the person that has the least interest in you or your ideas

[06:05 – 12:46] Content Marketing and Social Media
● The ultimate point of content marketing is to get people open about the idea to produce content
● Even if you are building a business right now, having social capital or intellectual capital is very valuable
● Writing is very therapeutic; it does not always need to be deep, significant, or poetic
● There are always ways to get content out there and get what you have to say to the world
● Focus on the evergreen content
● The jab, jab, jab, right hook analogy
● David breaks down the personalities, strengths, and weaknesses of social media platforms

“Build your audience by being authentic, and if you are great, people will eventually recognize it.”

[12:47 – 20:29] Hard-Fast Rules and Virtue Signaling
● David talks about some hard rules in marketing
● Always be transparent about your real-life and your failures
● Focus more on relationships rather than sales to have a long term winning proposition
● Do not spam your content everywhere
● Do not recommend any product or service that you don’t even use
● David talks about virtue signaling
● If you have a plan to make any content to earn money, people need to know who you are

[20:30 – 31:20] Closing Segment
● David talks about his journey to the financial freedom tipping point
● David shares his life in the military and the culture of the military
● Networking is a skill, but you could be a great people person and not knowing how and why those things are working in your favor 
● How to connect with David and final words

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