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Starting Them Young: Inspiring and Educating the Youth to Build Wealth with Dan Sheeks

In this 2 part series, Dan talks about the importance of empowering and encouraging young people to be more knowledgeable about finance, building wealth, and entrepreneurship at a young age. He talks about how his community brings together like-minded young individuals and gives them space to learn more about finances, the power of networking and building relationships with the right people, and how schools in the country should look into making financial literacy classes available for high school students.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

Introducing Dan Sheeks to the Show

  • Dan shares his background 
  • Founding the SheeksFreaks to help young people be financially savvy 
    • Bringing together young people who are interested in building wealth

“The young people, they’re a little bit more progressive, and they’ll think outside the box a lot easier than us adults.”

How Networking Can Change Things 

  • Having the right connection and building relationships with the right people
  • Importance of putting yourself out there 
  • Building the right habits and changing your mindsets while you’re young 

High School Electives

  • Requiring financial literacy classes and electives in high school
  • Different for each state, depending on resources of the school 

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

Continuing the Conversation with Dan 

  • Sometimes kids who are not so well off are more interested in how money can work for them as opposed to wealthy families 
  • Well off families usually don’t have the same money motivation

“There are major corporations now Google, IBM, Apple, to name a few who recognize that a college degree isn’t necessarily worth the investment. So they’re hiring high school graduates who meet certain criteria without a degree.” 

Financial Independence as an Option 

  • Giving the kids options instead of telling them what to do 
  • Consequences of getting into student loans 
  • Having student loans are financially crippling 
  • Corporations acknowledging that college degrees are not necessarily worth the investment 
  • No degree is needed for real estate investing 

Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids 

  • Learning through connecting with people their age 
  • Teaching kids to be okay to be different 

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