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Being A Long Distance Investor with Cindy Byler

In this 5 part series, Cindy highlights how to manage your real estate investments from miles away.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:54] Opening Segment

● Let’s bring Cindy to the show
● Cindy talks about how she manages her real estate business from 1600 miles away.

“The key is to have the right people on your team, that’s doing everything that needs to be done.”

[05:55 – 13:49] Being a Long-distance Investor  
● Cindy talks about her plan to purchase a property in San Antonio.
● Cindy shares about her first issue and mistake in hiring an unreliable property manager.
● Cindy talks about her properties and how she manages them.
● Self-managing vs. hiring a property manager.

[13:50 – 23:27] Life as a Military Wife
● Cindy talks about her husband’s military career.
● Cindy shares about her husband’s career goals.
● Cindy talks about replacing her income with her rentals.
● Cindy shares about the beginning of her marriage story being a military wife.
● Choosing family over career.

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 08:39] Getting Out of a Scarcity Mindset

● Cindy shares about her financial struggle in the first few years of her marriage.
● She was stocking money away for retirement.
● Cindy shares her music and teaching career journey
● At the end of the day, passive income is the way to go.
● Cindy talks about a term in the military called Dependa

“If you take the opportunity to learn from that, it does not have to be an expense.”

[08:40 – 19:49] Red-Flags on Deals
● Cindy shares her vision and goals regarding a constant passive income.
● Cindy talks about the first few deals she has.
● Taking the opportunity to learn from practical and hands-on experience.
● There are always unexpected expenses too, so also pay attention to the margin.

[19:50 – 22:19] Live-In Flip
● Cindy talks about the live-in flip by Nathan Waters.
● Cindy shares a tax strategy.
● Nathan Waters shares about how a Live-In Flip Works

Part 3

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 07:39] Live-in Flips and House Hacking

● Nathan shares about his live-in flip strategies
● Cindy talks about depreciation from house hacking
● Read your books, get knowledgeable and ask your CPA
● Nathan shares his real estate scaling experience and his other career

“If you go and visit a certain area a lot, and you enjoy, buy a property there to make a tax write-off.”

[07:40 – 16:59] Tax Write-off
● Cindy talks about her perspective on real estate as an educator
● She shares about some of her first deals on duplexes and triplexes
● Acquire a single-family home
● Cindy talks about the tax write-off strategy

[17:00 – 24:36] Primary Residence
● Nathan shares about getting 3% down on the primary residence
● If you don’t want to get the PMI you have to put the 20% down
● Cindy talks about the $7k property
● Purchase the five-plex through tax option
● Cindy talks about replacing her monthly income with the rental and net income

Part 4

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 07:29] Buy and Hold Sector

● Cindy talks about the Buy and Hold sector
● Nathan talks about the impact of COVID on his real estate business
● Cindy talks about how her musical and educational background helps her in her real estate career

“Creativity is necessary to overcome any obstacles in life.”

[07:30 – 18:45] Creative Financing
● She talks about her experience in creative financing
● Simple interest VS. amortized loan
● Nathan talks about his view on the FIRE movement
● Cindy talks about the patterns of the FIRE group community
● Creative acquisition
● Subject to deals

[18:46 – 25:07] Subject To Deals
● Working on a mortgage with the banks
● Cindy talks about the subject to deals
● The more equity on the property, the more likely the bank will come after you
● The importance of being transparent and upfront with the person who is signing over the house to you
● Helping and adding values to our community through real estate

Part 5

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 10:45] Adding Values and Helping the Community Through Real Estate

● Nathan shares his story of helping people through real estate
● Giving the best that you can in their price point
● Cindy talks about adding value to the community, especially for people who need places to live
● The issues on the standard of living condition
● Cindy shares her experience in trying to fix a foundation issue in a property

“Some people need places to live, but they don’t always have control of the kind of place that can live in it.”

[10:46 – 15:10] Renters Relation
● Cindy talks about her career vision in real estate and also her portfolio
● Cindy shares her opinion of being an active investor, 1600 miles away
● Nathan talks about keeping a good relationship with his renters

[15:11 – 26:09] The Why Factor Behind
● The Infinite banking concept
● The home equity line of credit
● We share our personal goals and why we went into real estate investing
● I share my life story and why real estate means so much to me
● Final words from Cindy, Nathan, and me

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