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Handle Your Deals More Efficiently with a Transaction Coordinator with Casey Dehle Smith

In this 2 part series, Casey talks about how transaction coordinators can make handling your deals more efficient. Casey talks about what transaction coordinators are, the nature of their job, and why they play such critical roles in ensuring that real estate transactions are smooth, well-ordered, and are free from miscommunication.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 12:52] What is a Transaction Coordinator?

● Welcoming Casey to the show
● Casey shares her background
● The job of a transaction coordinator
● How Casey got into transaction coordinating
● The advantages of having a transaction coordinator

“Like I said before, they’re just hiring admins that are just waiting to be told what to do, and you do not want that as an investor. You truly don’t, because time is money here.”

[12:53 – 27:19] Why Transaction Coordinators are Critical to the Success of Your Deals

● Every deal is different
● Casey talks about handling transactions during the pandemic
● Helping clients enter new markets
● Why Transaction Coordinators are significant in real estate
● What makes transactions fall apart
● Websites you can use to make handling your deals more efficient

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 10:26] How a Transaction Coordinator Will Help You in Scaling Your Business

● I ask Casey for a recommendation regarding a particular legal situation
● Dealing with incorrect or insufficient documents
● Title companies are not always right
● The type of person that will thrive in the position of a Transaction Coordinator
● Why a Transaction Coordinator is necessary to scale your real estate business

“It takes a really special type of person to love the chaos and the frustration, but I think [those] people thrive in this position.”

[10:27 – 29:37] Going Forward Requires Taking a Step Back

● How Casey started her company
● The importance of a team in a business’ success
● Casey on working with Virtual Assistants
● We are our worst enemies
● Why taking a break is key to being more effective

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