Listen to another great episode with industry leaders in real estate.

The Mindset to Get Your Financial Freedom with Anette Talie

In this 3 part series, Anette highlights her journey to financial freedom and learn more about the mindset of financial freedom.

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Part 1

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:49] Opening Segment

● Let’s bring Anette to the Show
● I share some of Anette’s remarkable achievements
● Anette talks about her background career journey
● Being in real estate allowed her to stay at home for nine months to be with her baby

“Getting out of the scarcity mindset to be able to enjoy the money that you make with your family.”

[06:55 – 13:59] Architecture and Real Estate Investment  
● Anette shares about the perks of being an architect in the real estate industry
● Anette talks about her focus in multi-family
● Anette shares her goals in real estate and life
● The mindset of enjoying everything that you are doing, including your job

[14:00 – 22:08] The Mindset to Get Your Financial Freedom
● Anette shares her journey in real estate in the beginning 
● Explore different strategy options to get money and acquire the next properties
● Anette shares her goals on her podcast
● The mindset of abundance 
● Getting out of the scarcity mindset to be able to enjoy the money that you make with your family

Part 2

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:59] Make It Happen

● Anette shares her story about taking a backpacking trip around the world for six months
● If there is anything that you want to get done, you just have to put it on paper and start to look for ways to make it happen
● Move away from the limiting beliefs  that hold us back from doing what we want

“In these particular situations, it is crucial to underwrite or look at your deals with a little bit more caution.”

[06:00 – 16:30] Insights on Investment in These Pandemic Situations
● Anette shares some insights for anyone who just started to invest
● Anette talks about using a modified calculator on her website
● Anette shares her experience with an unexpected raise of tax in her duplex
● We live and learn; it is important to take the lessons and never do it again
● Anette talks about her strategy to get an infinite return in cashing out a property in the long run
● Anette talks about taking HELOC to your properties and keep the money going

[16:31 – 23:01] Passing The Business Mind to the Next Generation
● Anette shares how she got emerged in the financial independence concept in the beginning
● Anette talks about teaching our children the right concept of money since they are at a young age
● A shift in parenting style to raise our kids with a business-oriented mind

Part 3

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 12:00] Raising Successful Entrepreneurs

● Anette talks about opening other options and opportunities for the next generation to be successful
● Anette talks about the idea of a trade school program and diploma
● College is not for everyone, and it will not guarantee success
● Anette talks about how our cultures sometimes forces us to get a college degree that we do not initially want or need

“Don’t let your fear stop you; just keep going and keep pushing forward one step at a time.”

[12:01 – 16:30] The Importance of Networking
● Real estate is one of the options to be successful without a college degree
● Flexibility in real estate investments
● Anette shares her focus and purpose on her Podcast Real Estate Deal Closers

● Anette talks about the importance of networking
● Anette talks about the meetups that she ran called “Multi-Family and More”

[16:31 – 20:38] Overcoming Your Fear to Start
● Anette shares the story about her experience and fear when she was about to launch the podcast
● It is all about the progress; little small steps will take you far
● Final words

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