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We are the Williams Family
and we invest in real estate!

We have had an incredible journey and would love to share in yours...

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Ever since I left teaching, I have been on a journey to learn more and more about real estate investing and how I could translate that into a curriculum for people that are in the same situation I was in. What resulted from this journey is a weekly Real Estate Investing PLC where you will be able to learn and share your experiences in your own journey. This program will cover the mindset needed for creating passive income, investing in real estate and transitioning into a happier, more secure state of mind. Not only will we discuss mindset, we will also be hands on in each other’s journey as we all learn how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving the life you dream of. This program will not only help you be more confident in your own journey, you will be reinvigorated to double down on your passion in the classroom, knowing you are aligned with your passion and seeing the success you deserve.


Is now the time you take a leap, make a decision that you are going to take your journey into your own hands and stop relying on someone else for your own security? Are you finally tired of being that martyr in your school and district? Tired of being too exhausted, tired of working too many hours, and tired of knowing you will have to keep grinding because your retirement is still many years away and still won’t be enough? Set yourself free to be the teacher you’ve always known you could be. Your current situation NEVER has to be your final destination. Join us on this journey!


Together, we will find passive income through real estate investing that will allow you to return to truly teaching from your heart and soul, not from a place where you do exactly as told because you MUST have that paycheck to survive. Together, we will find success in AND out of the classroom.