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You may be asking yourself:

  • Who is this Jason L. Williams, Ph.D. character?
  • Why does he have so many initials with his name? (Is he a pretentious donkey?)
  • What’s up with the bowtie? (That really is pretentious!)

Jason L. Williams was not always a Ph.D.

In fact, most of his life he was not!

He grew up in an Indiana town with a good-looking mama who never was around. But, he grew up tall and he grew up right with them Indiana….wait scratch that.

Jason grew up in Pennsylvania... and Texas.

He did normal kid things and got into normal kid trouble.

Then he went to college where he discovered he liked engineering, specifically, chemical engineering.

Now you are thinking, what does engineering have to do with any of this?

Chemical engineering helped Jason find a new artistic canvas to express himself … spreadsheets.

These masterpieces far surpass the standard formulas of Excel, and avoid the ridiculous but predictable modelling assumptions found online, and are POWERED with customized macros.

Now, growing up in Pennsylvania and Texas, Jason had been exposed to real estate investing as his family had been doing it for years.

It was not new nor foreign to him and he knew one day he, too, would be a Land Baron along with his Land Baroness, Angel Williams.

It was not until a few years ago that Jason merged his Land Baron hobby with his chisled statuesque appearance (artistic canvas?) to what you see here.

Yet, the reason why he has so many initials in his name is because when you Google him, he wants you to find him and not one of the other 6,345 other Jason Williams’s out there.

Many times he has been confused with the one and only “White Chocolate” and he wants to make sure that doesn’t happen any more.

So what about the bowtie? Oh that, he is just a pretentious donkey('s ass).
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